All Star!

Miggy. Miggy. Miggy. 

Our lone all star this year! Remember the year when pretty much every Tiger was an all star? Those were the days!

We always have Miggy!

Looking really, really good!

Last night I was at a friend’s house admiring his photo and piece of nostalgia from 2006. 

That was a night to remember. Anyway after telling my friend how jealous I was that he had that photo he said “look more closely…” Turns out he’s in the photo and was there when it all happened. 

One of the best Tigers moments in the history of the franchise. 

Here’s hoping the second half of the season gets us more memorable moments!!!



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  2. Minoring In Baseball

    I think there are more Tigers that deserve All-Star consideration other than Miggy. I think that Fulmer, Ian, and maybe even Casty should have made the team. Then there’s that moment you remember that Alex Avila and Brandon Inge were once All-Stars…anyone can have a magic year.


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