What a season it’s been for Fulmer. He’s given us reason to be excited!! Talk of Cy Young already! And it’s only June (us Tigers fans love to jump the gun – myself included!!)

It’s been a great couple of weeks! I’ve managed to see a couple of games at my favorite place on Earth. And they’ve managed to win! The one against the Jays was the best – walk off in the bottom of the 10th. You just can’t script a better ending. So glad we were there to witness it all! (shhhhh……..)

Also got to meet my Tigers friends Mary L and Chuck and Ted and Shelly! Highlight of the season!!

I voted for J-Up – because I have a soft spot for the underdog – story of my life. If you’re a loser – chances are I will like you!

We’ve been witnessing some all star worthy performances by the ever amazing Kinsler! Seriously – this guy has been a weapon with the Tigers the last two seasons. 

Some fun photos of me and my best Tigers girl friends – and my Tiger who I adore. 

Oh! And we finally rode the Ferris wheel! How fun!!!!

I highly suggest it if you’re at the ballpark. 

And… To cap off the awesome fun times at Comerica… Me and my Boyfriend:


Get to the ballpark!!!! Best place on Earth!

Go Tigers! 



  1. Miranda

    SJ and i made similar faces in our photos! haha.

    What a Jays game- how about you talk about how we stayed in the rain.


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