It’s a Beautiful Day!

Summer is here! Long weekend perfection.  

And what better way to celebrate the first long weekend of summer than to be at Comerica Park!

Last game I went to we froze to death. Coldest game in Comerica Park’s history. Today though – sun tans and sunglasses all game long!



It was a rough April. The losing streaks were endless. The bullpen was, ummm or should I say IS, painful. The bats were COLD. The management was lacking. 

But May arrived and with it comes sunshine and warmth. Happiness all around when the sun shines! Tigers have been looking pretty good these last few games. 

And MAY I say… This guy…

MAYBIN! He is giving the jolt and energy the team needs!! Fun to watch and becoming a fan favourite over night. Me included!!!

So we had a rough six weeks! Every relationship can’t be perfect right? Six weeks here, five years there… It is what it is!

Turn the page – this is a team that is playing together and looking good! I’m back on board and have confidence that things have turned around. I am happy! Happy! Nothing can rain on this parade right? Right!

It really is a beautiful view on a summer day isn’t it?

I’m committed and ready Tigers! I was telling my friend who went to the game with me that there is no better atmosphere than Comerica Park during playoff season – even World Series games where it’s freezing and they lose miserably and the people you are with are miserable! The atmosphere is incomparable. So! I’m ready to be there in October Boys!!

Happy Victoria Day!


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