Same old Tigers?

The title of this blog is a question. Not a statement. What do you think?

The start of this season has been disappointing to say the least. Underwhelming. Pathetic. Difficult. Lacklustre. I think you get what I mean. 

I can’t figure out what is going on with this team. Highly paid players. Highly skilled players. Award winners – Triple Crown, Cy Young, Gold Glove, etc…. List is endless. 

So what is/are the problem(s)?

I don’t know. 

If I knew I would write Illitch. I would call Brad. But we are all “couch coaches” (I just made that term up – I like it!) 

As a self proclaimed Couch Coach I say lack of leadership is one issue. We know this. Whether it is Brad, pitching coaches, bullpen coaches… Whatever. With the lacklustre performances – I think leadership is lacking.  Us regular every day people experience this in our own jobs! So the same can happen in organizations with multi million dollar athletes. 

But sometimes I think the desire is lacking from the players. Can you see it? Can you feel it? Frustration I’m sure is mounting. 

In all of this though, who has emerged?

This guy. 

Now who would have thought? Not me! Nick C getting the job done. The under dog! The least likely to succeed! May even be the AL player of the week if you ask me!

It’s been tough to watch. I haven’t watched too many though… Other things occupying my time that require my attention right now but I’m following along! Tonight I decided to watch the game from start to finish. Cancelled my plans and did just that. As I write this they are still winning in the bottom of the 9th. But I’m still not breathing easy. 

I don’t know (I keep saying that! – my favorite line)… The game can be so unexpected. Maybe that’s why we keep putting ourselves out there and hoping things will work out in our favour. And maybe it will! There’s still lots of time left in the season! I just hate to be constantly disappointed – enough with toying with my feelings Tigers!!!

Uh oh…….. Bottom of the 9th, one out, man on second…… Bullpen craziness here we go again. 

I can’t watch. 


  1. Minoring In Baseball

    Haha, tough to watch, but they finally pulled one out to break the streak. I didn’t expect Casty to be on a tear like this, but I knew he could hit. He’s hit at every level after he’s figured some things out. I watched him in West Michigan, he got off to a rough start, but ended up having a fine season. At one point he was the youngest player in Triple-A, and they really tried rushing him along too fast. The Tigers still haven’t fixed their bullpen problem that’s been ailing them for ages, and you’re spot on about the lack of leadership.

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