He’s back

The end of the Tigers season is always depressing. So many questions but the biggest one is – how do I fill my time without watching games and going to Comerica? No one has the answer. 

The end of the season was anti-climatic. Upton strikes out. JV pitches ANOTHER incredible game. The offense does nothing. The last game pretty much told the story of the entire season wrapped up perfectly with a nice red bow saying “Here you go fans! We blew it!”

That they did. So close – yet so far. 

A few days go by so everyone can lick their wounds and adjust to the season being over. Then the news breaks that the Tigers will keep their illustrious leader for another season. 

We all have an opinion on this. My thoughts are this – he may have strong points, he may have qualities that make him a great manager, but he is not the right manager for this team. 

We thought Drumbowski was the issue. Was he? The Red Sox made it to the playoffs this year. Was it really him? I think Ausmus doesn’t have the fire and enthusiasm that is needed to manage a team of leaders. Most all on the team are veterans and leaders in the league. Maybe if he was managing newbies like Maybin (who I love!), Castelleanos, etc – maybe things would be different. 

Let’s remember – there was only one instance all season he fought for the team and got fired up:

That’s it. One. 

Every post game conference included the same line “there are still lots of games to play. It’s a long season.”  He was still using this line mid September. Uhhh no Brad – there are seven games left – it is NOT a long season anymore. Sigh. 

The season is over. Time to “rebuild”. News of the entire coaching staff staying came out yesterday – except the hitting coach will pursue other opportunities. Yeah! That should help!

One thing I will miss during the off season is this:

Spring Training can’t come fast enough!

Happy Winter!


RIP José 

What a day for baseball. 

Thanks to social media we have the opportunity to mourn together. 

This isn’t a Tigers post. Not today. 

This post is more for me because I want to look back on my blog years from now and remember how I felt today. This kid was going places, fast. I’m the first to admit I didn’t watch a lot of Miami games but as a baseball fan – I knew who he was and what he was capable of doing on the mound. 

I was out walking with my dad and dog when my phone buzzed with the breaking news. It’s one of those moments you will always remember. I read the message out loud and my dad said, “What? Read that again…”. And I did. Trying to believe what we just read. It could not be true. 

It is a sad day. I feel sad for José’s family, especially his mother and grandmother. I feel sad for his team mates and fans. 

Allison Wilson posted this photo on Twitter. She’s a photographer for the Marlins I believe. I think it says everything. Field of Dreams. A kid who’s dream came true and lost his life too young. 

RIP José. 

Big series 

Cleveland Series. 

Three more weeks left. 

A week ago I was convinced the Tigers were playoff bound. Then just as quickly I was convinced they were NOT playoff bound. 

I want October baseball! I missed it last year a lot!

I’m thinking I should go to Cleveland for the series. Every game I have gone to this season the Tigers have one – including the game in Chicago. 

Earlier this week – two rows behind home plate – it was a guarantee they were not only going to win but that Miggy would hit a pretty important home run… Done. 

Great view! I’ve been lucky this year to sit in some pretty amazing seats with some pretty amazing views. 

It’s the weekend… Lots of good ball games to watch! Fall is in the air… And all I want is to see the Tigers playing in October! Makes that miserable month so much more bearable!

Come on Miggy!!

Good luck charm!

It’s not like me to brag about things in my life but I must brag about this. Every single game I have been to so far this season – the Tigers have won! I’ve tweeted incessantly that the team’s need to take me on the road. No response as of yet!

Last week to celebrate my birthday we caught a game in Chicago at Cellular Field. Seats were great – right behind the Tigers dug out. Just so happened we stayed at the same hotel as the team too. Coincidence!! We met several players but by far Maybin was the nicest. Plus the fact that he couldn’t believe I was turning 40. Thanks for the compliment! 

My view all night in Chicago:

Not as nice of a front entrance like Comerica:

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!

What is this?

We saw a great game! Lots of Tigers fans in the stands which made it fun as well. The ballpark was alright – the nachos though hands down were waaaaay better than Comerica. 

Mascot – what exactly is that? Our Paws is so much cooler. 

From Chicago I went to Comerica this weekend to continue the birthday celebrations! This game we sat first row at the first baseline. What did we see? Wait – more like what didn’t we see! Grand slam! Miggy’s two home runs! Pelfrey with a W! Lowe with an good outing! The list was endless at this particular game. The crew I went with had never been to a Detroit ball game. They’re hooked now! Big Fans! But I guess when you see a game with 11 runs – you consider yourself a bit spoiled. 

Look at that stat for Miggy!!!

My view for the game! First base line. Hi Miggy (again – such a coincidence!)

I think the highlight though was Saturday night! We stayed at the MGM Grand and our room overlooked the ballpark. Watching the Astros tie the game in the 9th was frustrating after an awesome game by JV. Then this guy saved the day:

Oops! I mean this guy:

What an awesome hit!! I feel like they won because I was just two buildings away watching through my window (and through my MLB app!)

It’s been a great three week long celebration turning 40! Spent some time with my most favourite people, my most favourite band, and my most favourite ball team! I can’t complain! If this is any indication to my next decade – I look forward to it happily!!

All Star!

Miggy. Miggy. Miggy. 

Our lone all star this year! Remember the year when pretty much every Tiger was an all star? Those were the days!

We always have Miggy!

Looking really, really good!

Last night I was at a friend’s house admiring his photo and piece of nostalgia from 2006. 

That was a night to remember. Anyway after telling my friend how jealous I was that he had that photo he said “look more closely…” Turns out he’s in the photo and was there when it all happened. 

One of the best Tigers moments in the history of the franchise. 

Here’s hoping the second half of the season gets us more memorable moments!!!


What a season it’s been for Fulmer. He’s given us reason to be excited!! Talk of Cy Young already! And it’s only June (us Tigers fans love to jump the gun – myself included!!)

It’s been a great couple of weeks! I’ve managed to see a couple of games at my favorite place on Earth. And they’ve managed to win! The one against the Jays was the best – walk off in the bottom of the 10th. You just can’t script a better ending. So glad we were there to witness it all! (shhhhh……..)

Also got to meet my Tigers friends Mary L and Chuck and Ted and Shelly! Highlight of the season!!

I voted for J-Up – because I have a soft spot for the underdog – story of my life. If you’re a loser – chances are I will like you!

We’ve been witnessing some all star worthy performances by the ever amazing Kinsler! Seriously – this guy has been a weapon with the Tigers the last two seasons. 

Some fun photos of me and my best Tigers girl friends – and my Tiger who I adore. 

Oh! And we finally rode the Ferris wheel! How fun!!!!

I highly suggest it if you’re at the ballpark. 

And… To cap off the awesome fun times at Comerica… Me and my Boyfriend:


Get to the ballpark!!!! Best place on Earth!

Go Tigers! 


It’s a Beautiful Day!

Summer is here! Long weekend perfection.  

And what better way to celebrate the first long weekend of summer than to be at Comerica Park!

Last game I went to we froze to death. Coldest game in Comerica Park’s history. Today though – sun tans and sunglasses all game long!



It was a rough April. The losing streaks were endless. The bullpen was, ummm or should I say IS, painful. The bats were COLD. The management was lacking. 

But May arrived and with it comes sunshine and warmth. Happiness all around when the sun shines! Tigers have been looking pretty good these last few games. 

And MAY I say… This guy…

MAYBIN! He is giving the jolt and energy the team needs!! Fun to watch and becoming a fan favourite over night. Me included!!!

So we had a rough six weeks! Every relationship can’t be perfect right? Six weeks here, five years there… It is what it is!

Turn the page – this is a team that is playing together and looking good! I’m back on board and have confidence that things have turned around. I am happy! Happy! Nothing can rain on this parade right? Right!

It really is a beautiful view on a summer day isn’t it?

I’m committed and ready Tigers! I was telling my friend who went to the game with me that there is no better atmosphere than Comerica Park during playoff season – even World Series games where it’s freezing and they lose miserably and the people you are with are miserable! The atmosphere is incomparable. So! I’m ready to be there in October Boys!!

Happy Victoria Day!